“I just wanted to say thank you for a great week, and all the preparation and effort I know you must have put in to pulling this together and ensuring that it all ran smoothly. I thought it was a wonderful success which couldn’t have happened without you. I hope you managed to catch up on some well deserved sleep since then.
Thank you again and it was lovely to see you.”

“It was great talking with you yesterday evening and truly getting an understanding of all that is involved in organizing such an event that we have just attended. We as practitioners within our business all feel that the business revolves around us but without the work you do we would not be able to do our day job. Your help and efforts are greatly appreciated.”

“I have attended many corporate events hosted by Chantal. Chantal is an absolute perfectionist and each event is done with style and sophistication. Chantal has a special way of making every event spectacular while watching the bottom line.”
Jill, Casualty Underwriting Manager

“Chantal is incredibly detail-oriented and will think of every contingency before it even happens. She has deftly executed events at our company with the taste and eye of a perfectionist. When Chantal is in charge, we know we can rest assured that our events will go off without a glitch.”
Taha, Corporate Communication Director

“Chantal, you did a wonderful job with the off site. Congratulations. Thanks for your guidance and care of the board members before and during the board meeting.”
Marjorie, Board of Directors

“Great job on the meeting.”
Jack, Board of Directors

“Nice party you put together! Thanks for all of your hard work to make the party a success.”
Jill, Vice President, Primary Casualty Division

“Chantal, thanks for the great job organizing the meeting. Thanks for being there to make sure it worked out.”
Stan, President and Chief Executive Officer

“Chantal is very professional, detail oriented, extremely organized and very dedicated. Chantal is well liked by her peers and always has kind words when speaking with others. When planning any corporate event, Chantal makes certain that all the needs of the attendees from travel arrangements to meeting agenda and presentations are met.”
Marilynn, Office Administrative Services Manager and Human Resource

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